Busby's Plumbing Services was founded in 1969 in Fort Worth, Texas by Charles Busby, Sr. The Company started as a small business and has expanded tremendously over the years. Currently, Busby's Plumbing has two business locations, Fort Worth and Mexia. The company is now owned by the sons, Charles Busby, Jr (Fort Worth) and Dana Busby, Sr. (Mexia)..

Who We Are

Busby's Plumbing Services is a family owned and operated business with more than 45 years of plumbing experience. We are certified professionals, who take pride in providing customers with superior service, with the dedication of providing our clients with insight to help them understand and solve their plumbing issues. Finding an honest plumbing company has never been this easy! Don’t miss this opportunity to witness what we’re capable of accomplishing for you. We have the talent and equipment to service just about any problem you may have. Call us about any of your plumbing needs!.

What we do


Our History

Charles Busby, Sr.’s passion was hard work and he instilled that same passion on all of his children. His ideas were simple…”get up, go to work and do a good job”. He believed in an honest day’s work for an honest wage, and we are still in business today working by that same standard. Charles Busby, Sr. was 36 years old when he decided to get his master’s plumbing license (M-5741) and go out on his own.
With the skills he received, the first 10 years in Fort Worth, Texas seemed to just take off serving a radius of about 20 miles. When his eldest son (Charles Busby, Jr) was just strong enough to carry a wrench, he was thrown into the ranks of helper…which meant “go get that quickly before I…” Charles Jr learned rather quickly, as most of us would have under that pressure, and got his Journeyman’s license before turning 18. Then Charles Jr achieved his master’s license soon thereafter. During this time, Charles Sr.’s youngest son (Dana Busby Sr) had to go through the same rigors of work that the eldest son had to. Everyone in the family worked at Busby’s Plumbing Services at some point and time.
In 1987, Charles Busby Sr decided to move to Mexia, TX with his wife and youngest son. He left Charles Jr in charge of the Fort Worth location and started his new location in Mexia. On doing this, he proceeded to grow his business in Limestone County. Charles Busby, Sr. passed in the year of 2005 leaving both of his sons in possession of his legacy that he taught us so hard to protect. We are proudly still doing just that. Since his passing, we have grown exponentially and we will strive to give you an honest day’s work…Guaranteed. .

Busby's Plumbing is the place to call........Because you"ll never regret this call at all!!! CALL US TODAY 254-562-2558 OR 817-534-3174


Drain Services

Drain repairs can be pricey especially if taken with the wrong approach. Hire qualified professionals so you can be informed on what can be done to eliminate future headaches. We specialize in techniques that will save you money in the long run.

Sewer Services

Drain lines in either a business or a home can be a mess and an inconvenience. Call us today for the preventative maintenance approach. On our special program, you can decrease the percentage of that inconvenience.

Gas Services

Nothing is more satisfying than enjoying a hot bath after a cold harsh day. Nothing can be more dissatisfying than having uniforms in and around your cold home when your services have been cut off due to having an unexpected leak. We are licensed in both natural and propane gas systems and can do preventative maintenance before most problems occur.

Water Services

When it comes to conserving water and our way of life, those two just don’t mix. There are over 100 ways to conserve water, but the first is a simple phone call and we can help. Knowledge is the key to keeping our way of life somewhat consistent.

Mexia Office

Mexia, Texas 76667
2146 LCR 377
Tel: 254-562-2558
Fax: 254-562-7552

Email: dbusby.mexia@busbyplumbing.com

Ft.Worth Office

Ft. Worth Texas 76105
1426 Withers
Tel: 817-534-3174
Fax: 817-534-8417
Email: cbusby.ftw@busbyplumbing.com