Professional Sewer Line Repair and Replacement –Mexia, TX, Fort Worth & surrounding areas

Professional Sewer Line Repair and Replacement 

For expert sewer line repair and replacement, trust the experienced team at Busby’s Plumbing Services. We have two convenient locations in Texas and 50 years of history serving home and business owners. 

For sewer line repair and replacement in Mexia, TX, call (254) 562-2558
For sewer line repair and replacement in Fort Worth, TX (817) 534-3174 

We have a team of experienced drain specialists able to quickly diagnose causes of blockages, such as root intrusion, sewer line breaks, missing sections, and deterioration. Once we have accurately determined the cause and location of damage, we can recommend the ideal solution to fit your property needs and budget.

Common Sewer Repair and Replacement Causes

While normal drain use occasionally leads to backups, frequently slow drains or severe blockages indicate a larger issue in the sewer line. With an in-depth sewer camera inspection, our experienced team can identify the cause and the best method to make repairs. 

  • Roots – Tree roots are the biggest cause of broken and backed up sewer lines. While trees enhance any property, roots seek out the moisture rich nutrient found in sewer lines. They can enter through even small cracks, and once inside do major damage including breaking the line and causing frequent backups. 
  • Heavy Scale Buildup – Poorly maintained drains and heavy use lines can become damaged from hard scale buildup in the pipe. As organic material sits in the line, it can stick to the inside of the pipe and slowly close off drain flow. Scale buildup can also weekend the pipe leading to cracks and breaks, allowing roots easy access to the line.
  • Breaks and Deterioration – Aging pipes, dry ground and extreme temperature shifts can lead to pipe deterioration and major breaks. This collapses the sewer lines causing frequent backups and leading to replacement. 

Sewer Line Repair

Main sewer line repairs can be performed by routine and professional snaking for minor clogs and high-pressure water hydro jetting to remove roots and dissolve heavy buildup. 

Professional sewer snaking is typically the first step in diagnosing and repairing a blocked main sewer drain. However, if our drain experts encounter a hard spot, pull back roots, or suspect damage, we will recommend a sewer camera inspection to view the line. With a sewer camera inspection, we can determine next steps in the repair process.  

Hydro jetting can repair drains with root intrusion and heavy sludge or grease buildup. Using high pressure water streams and a multi directional nozzle to scour 360 degrees of the drain, hydro jetting is an effective repair for sewer pipes in good condition.

Sewer Line Replacement

When aggressive root intrusion has broken a sewer line, if there are large sections missing, collapsed pipes, or large holes, the pipe will need to be replaced.

The traditional method of sewer line replacement is through excavation of the sewer pipe and replacing it with a new ABS sewer pipe.  For small breaks, this is easily the most cost effective for sections that are underneath the home or easily accessible earth.  

If the entire line needs to be replaced, our team has experience in proper trenching and excavation and can restore your drains quickly. We always take great care to protect your property and will walk you through the replacement process from start to finish. 

We have more than 50 years of experience in plumbing and drain cleaning in two convenient Texas locations. We are committed to honesty and integrity and treating our customers like family.  

Give us a call to experience how our family owned business delivers the highest quality work, unparalleled customer service and an honest day’s work – guaranteed! 

For sewer line repair and replacement in Mexia, TX, call (254) 562-2558
For sewer line repair and replacement in Fort Worth, TX (817) 534-3174 

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